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The Mighty Tongue...

I recently read a post stating “I’m not ready for sex yet but I'll take some head though. What’s her zodiac sign”. Honestly, I felt personally attacked and forwarded it to my girlfriends. Yup, we’re going to jump right in. No band aid, no filter, no sugarcoating. To answer the question,

It's a me! A Virgo!

Ladies, don’t start feeling uncomfortable and closing the browser just yet, there’s a meeting in the ladies room. Hear me out... Each of us desire to be pleasured a certain way, want to hear a certain phrase, be grabbed a certain way. I’m an intimate person so I need to feel every touch and thy tongue All. Over. Thy. Bodddtttyyy. One of the greatest pleasures for me is the mighty tongue spelling out la, la, lala,lala, ll-alala.

Oh, you agree? Cool, let’s stroll down memory lane. You have to understand why I have such an obsession and where it started. My first love was quite affectionate when it came to orally pleasing me. He was the second person I'd been with but the first one to turn me into a complete psycho. You know the one that had an entire FBI team ready to go... Admittedly, I deployed the troops for a full on investigation a time or two but that's another story. Anyway, he often enjoyed the taste of my.... (ladies, chill- y’all are getting too excited) anytime and everywhere (porch, bed, pool deck, floor, wherever).

Seriously, he would start kissing me from my feet to my legs, to my thighs, to my stomach then in reverse. As I was then ready for penetration, he would stop to kiss my lips and whisper anything to turn me on more. At that point he had no idea we just got married, went on a honeymoon and had 3 children. The nerve of him to then begin licking the lady parts slow, then fast, slow then faster then slooooooooooowwww again.

Gasps, pause. Add the MF antics. Now, I'm all hot and bothered. "You want the ice now", he asked. Thinking "oh, you freaky, freaky?" Y’all don’t understand how I never wanted to live in Antarctica so bad. My body was cold yet so hot. To follow, he then pulled out a jolly rancher squeeze pop (liquid candy). “What are you about to do with that?”, I asked. Oh, I knew. You know. All that for the first time? I'll take it. Time after time, he became more adventurous.

He was ridiculous. It was there, my obsession with the mighty tongue became a necessity. My soul left my body each time so yes, It's a me! A Virgo! Don't get me wrong, sex is important too, but by then I'm already passed out, so yes-- just head will do; for me.

Re: my girls- some responded “nah, I need penetration”, “Haha! Man, I need both!” while others just laughed. The majority of them will vote that it's penetration for the win. But I'm fine with standing alone.

I'm going to stop here because I don’t want y’all leaving the ladies room just yet...

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