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Staeisha Jones
Hi. Hello. Goodnight. Goodbye.

Thank you for tuning into my world. While I do not consider myself to have all the answers, I do want to share my experiences with certain situations that you may benefit from. Do keep in mind, I am thoroughly sarcastic and I can be a bit blunt and dramatic, but I'm sure you'll find it interesting enough to keep tuning in. Now let's move past the logistics. My name is Anastaeisha but for blog purposes call me Staeisha. I like to think it is mysteriously sexy but in reality I just removed the Ana to create more of an imagination.

Moving on... I'll give you some insight on some of my secrets. One, I'm only 4'11 but I could easily pass for a hot 5'2. Two, I'm overly emotional and want to talk about my feelings errry'day but everyone is busy with life hence the blog. I do, however, run every situation by #TeamKennedy but they always tell me "I have no real problems". I strongly disagree! Deciding if I want to pay down student loan debt or plan a trip is a huge problem! HUGE FUCKING PROBLEM! Shout-out to #Navient though for it's flexibility on those deferment plans. Three, I had to work on being compassionate to other's situations as I tend to see things black and white. I now understand there are multiple colors to each situation. Thanks Kiki, I FINALLY get it now. Understood. Lastly, I do not understand "no". My mother always told me the answer may be "no" today but that just means "no, not right now". This just motivates me to go harder.

Separately, I am passionate about accomplishing goals and crossing off tasks on my to-do lists, so it never really ends. Until then keep tuning in as I share my world. I have to mention some posts may be more explicit than others as I have a very strong and vivid personality. I do tend to overshare so forgive my explicitness. With all that being said welcome to Staeisha's world... #BossLady #BlackGirlMagic

Oh, you ain't know I was a sprinter... #
Sophisticated Badass

You would not believe at 30, I felt I was having a mid life crisis. For some reason, I thought jumping out of a plane would remove all my fears. I am here to tell you that that is all BULLSHIT. While the adrenaline rush was epic for 30 seconds, I still get nervous presenting and still believe life is a challenge and no one has ALL THE ANSWERS! 

Life Is A Beach

I definitely meant that deciding to pay down student debt versus having vacation money is a real thing. I am a huge advocate for "life should be spent on a beach". If the weather is under 80 degrees, please do not invite me. I am summer baby and deserve to be laying out in the tropics. #VirgoNation


I never knew how competitive I was until I joined #TeamFitBit. There is not one day that I am not attached to my fitbit. I understand studies have shown that these devices are not 100% but wutevas. These steps are my life and it's one of my truest addictions. Most women love shopping but I'll rather walk over the #BrooklynBridge because I rep hard for the #CardioGang! 

New York, United States

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